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Conversations with My Kids: 30 Essential Family Discussions for the Digital Age

The world is changing around us at an ever increasing speed. New technology and massive amounts of information can sometimes inspire us, but are often empty or meaningless. This is why it’s so crucial for us as parents and teachers to be strong caregivers, empathetic listeners, and a source of useful, worthwhile instruction for our children.

We can help our kids face the challenges of the digital age by connecting with them in deep, meaningful conversations about important topics, including some of the struggles they now face or will in the future.

We have provided 30 essential conversations for your family to engage with. These topics that will spark great discussions, encourage closeness, and strengthen your family!

Comprised of five sections (Technology, The World Around Us, Relationships, Self-Improvement, and Deeper Topics) with 30 unique topics, Conversations gives you the words and handy discussion questions to have meaningful talks about the real issues of the day. Addressing tough topics on an ongoing basis strengthens kids, brings you closer together, and opens the door when your kids need to tell you something REALLY important.

The 30 Conversations include the following:

  • Changing Technologies
  • Algorithms and Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Healthy Sexuality
  • Marriage, Family & Divorce
  • LGBTQI Issues
  • Overcoming Fears
  • Finding Real Joy
  • Agency
  • Integrity
  • Racism and Tolerance
  • Social Classes: Rich and Poor
  • Terrorism


Testimonials from Readers

Hear What Other Readers Have Said About Conversations With My Kids

“As the world changes somethings, we as parents, just assume our kids are on the same page in thought as we are, this book really helps to “hear” the kids out, and it is a way to build a stronger bond through communication. Seriously I can’t say enough FABULOUS book. If you have kids…. YOU NEED THIS BOOK!!”

Ben Olsen


“As a professor of Family Studies and one who studies this topic extensively, I highly recommend this book to parents and educators. This could not be more timely and practical.”

Dr. Tim Rarick

Best Selling Author

Dina Alexander

Dina Alexander is the founder and CEO of Educate and Empower Kids, an organization dedicated to strengthening families by teaching digital citizenship, media literacy, and healthy sexuality education—including education about the dangers of online porn.

Prior to writing This is the Spirit of Revelation, her first Latter-day Saint children’s book, Dina wrote Petra’s Power to See: A Media Literacy Adventure and Noah’s New Phone: A Story About Using Technology for Good, and co-wrote the Messages About Me: A Journey to Healthy Body Image books for boys and girls…more

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