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30 Days of Sex Talks for Latter Day Saint Families – Ages 3-7

In this simple, gospel-focused guide you have the tools you need to combat the unhealthy messages our young children are bombarded with. By sharing your insight, knowledge, and testimony about topics like love, healthy relationships, celestial marriage, sexual intimacy, and outside dangers, you can prepare your kids and protect your family from many destructive forces.

With our 30 Days of Sex Talks for Latter-day Saints books, you have the essential information needed to start discussing these important topics and to also create an environment in your home which encourages open conversations about these and many other issues which inevitably come up. By prayerfully conducting these discussions, you will also be empowered to teach your child through a gospel lens how to be safe, focus their curiosity, and prepare for future discussions and experiences.

What’s Included:

This curriculum includes helpful directions, 30 simple, yet meaningful lessons, and an extensive glossary of over 130 terms to help you. Each lesson includes introductory points to consider, critical teaching information, scripture, powerful discussion questions, and additional resources to enrich your family’s learning experience. Some topics even have an accompanying activity or song to inspire further conversation.

Some of our other books that make great companions to this book include How to Talk to Your Kids About Pornography, Conversations with My Kids: 30 Essential Family Discussions for the Digital Age, and 30 Days to a Stronger Child.

Testimonials from Readers

Hear What Other Readers Have Said About 30 Days of Sex Talks

“I’m a BIG fan of the “30 Days of Sex Talks” and especially LOVE this first book in the series for parents of children aged 3 to 7. Teaching children proper body part names, discussing different types of acceptable and non-acceptable (good and bad) touches and even exposure to naked pictures (pornography) is addressed in this book. The expertly-outlined discussion points allow parents to customize their conversations in age-appropriate ways also taking into consideration each child’s individual development level. This would be a wonderful gift for parents with little ones and is a smart addition their libraries.”

Ginger Kadlec

Author, Be A Kid's Hero Organization

“First ordered 30 Days of Sex Talks For Ages 12+ to use in guiding conversations with my teenager and was so impressed I decided to order the versions For Ages 3-7 and 8-11 for my oldest daughter and son-in-law to use in having conversations with their kids. This book is very useful for getting things off to the right start when it comes to being a competent parent. Let’s face it, this topic is taboo in most families and our kids are suffering because of our inability, unwillingness and fearfulness about educating them on this vital part of life and happiness. If we can’t have these conversations with them, who will? Their classmates? The public schools? TV? The Internet? I found that this version for Ages 3-7 appropriately guides parents in helping young boys and girls understand their bodies and how to be safe in a world full of bullies and predators. I was glad to see that it also helps increase self-esteem and self-worth. I love the questions suggested in the books to get the conversations started – they are so helpful. The concept of this series of books is wonderful and it should probably be required reading for all parents and parents to be.”

Mom & Grandma

Best Selling Author

Dina Alexander

Dina Alexander is the founder and CEO of Educate and Empower Kids, an organization dedicated to strengthening families by teaching digital citizenship, media literacy, and healthy sexuality education—including education about the dangers of online porn.

Prior to writing This is the Spirit of Revelation, her first Latter-day Saint children’s book, Dina wrote Petra’s Power to See: A Media Literacy Adventure and Noah’s New Phone: A Story About Using Technology for Good, and co-wrote the Messages About Me: A Journey to Healthy Body Image books for boys and girls…more

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