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By Angelina Repka

Many people have been hesitant to share much about their experiences because of how sacred they believe the temple is, and they want to be reverent. However, this has led to the temple often being shrouded in mystery for many people. Getting endowed is considered one the biggest milestones and greatest blessings for those in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, so members naturally want to have a good idea of what they will be doing before getting to that point.

How can parents respectfully inform their children about the temple?

  • Start teaching them about the importance of covenants and the blessings of the temple at an early age. Let them know that they do not need to be afraid to ask questions due to the temple’s sacredness – fear inhibits progress.
  • Be positive. It’s so important to share with your kids how the temple has blessed your life. Share your testimony of temple work and of the priesthood power you have been endowed with. Discuss the peace you have felt there and the great opportunity the temple provides to “leave the world behind” and focus on one’s spiritual growth.
  • Remember that children have their own agency and accountability, and the need for unconditional love and support. They may decide not to go through the temple. Make sure they are properly taught so that they can make a fully informed decision.
  • Remember that what members are asked not to share are the signs, tokens, new name, and very personal, sacred experiences. Otherwise, there are no specific instructions for what can and cannot be shared outside of the temple. But, it is still important to follow the promptings of the Spirit and to be respectful. Therefore, it is best to refrain from sharing everything word for word or large amounts of the endowment or other sacred prayers and ordinances said there. Parents should be especially mindful of the setting they are in before talking openly about the temple.

What else should someone preparing for the temple know?

  • There are certain logistics that the temple will not teach you, so it is important that parents do what they can to inform children about their online church account, scheduling, being on time, how to be prepared, what to expect for future temple visits, etc. 
  • Starting preparation can be as simple as studying your scriptures more often, saying more meaningful prayers, and asking for an appointment with your bishop. Preparation can feel stressful for some, but taking the initiative to get ready and seeking the guidance of the Holy Ghost will help you see how the temple can bring incredible peace and will bless your life in amazing ways.
  • You do not have to be preparing for marriage or a mission to get endowed; you just have to be 18, out of high school, and keeping your baptismal covenants.
  • There is always something to be learned each time you visit the temple. While there is a lot of information, don’t overwhelm yourself by trying to absorb it all at once. Learn how the Holy Ghost communicates with you and allow Him to teach  you. 
  • While much of the temple’s teachings are symbolic, it does not have to be cryptic. Christ wants us to be able to learn and to become more like Him.
  • If you are striving for the best and want to become closer to Christ, chances are you are more ready than you think! Remember that you have a divine identity!

To learn more about the priesthood and preparing for the temple, check out our book The Powers of Heaven. This book can help you teach your children about making and keeping covenants, and accessing priesthood power through these covenants.

Angelina Repka recently completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Marriage and Family Studies in July 2023 through the online degree program by Brigham Young University – Idaho. She continues to be an intern through Educate Empower Kids and hopes to go to graduate school for social work in the near future. Angelina also hopes to make positive changes in the community as she continues her career and education.


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Blessings of the Endowment

“Being blessed with the temple covenants and endowed with power made it possible for the Latter-day Saints to endure tribulation with faith” – Elder Robert D. Hales 

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