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By Kaitlynn Christiansen


Sister Joy D. Jones said, “Whatever the needs are for our individual families, let’s teach each family member to use technology wisely and positively from the start—to develop a moral mindset. Let’s educate children in constructive ways to use technology for good. We can teach them to evaluate by asking themselves, ‘Will using this serve a good purpose?’ Our choices in how we teach our families now will influence future generations”

As we work in our families to find the balance in our technological use, it is also important to teach children that their technology can be used to help build the church, further their learning, and gather Israel as our prophet has asked us to do. 


Good Technology Use

We have access to so much on our screens, both on and off the internet. We have things that are church centered and can be used for missionary work and developing ourselves spiritually, and we also have things that can be used for self-improvement and enrichment. This is the same for our children. As we introduce them to technology, we not only should warn them of the dangers, but we should show them all the good it can provide. Here are some kid-friendly examples of those things:

Access to the church library app and

  • Through these, we have access to all of the literature, media, manuals, and other resources the church has provided us with.
  • Children and adults can read their scriptures and search for answers to their questions in the talks and books the church has put out. 

Multiple apps for hymns and primary sing-alongs

  • The most popular app is called Sacred Music. It has the music books, sheet music, lyrics, and audio of our church music. 
  • We have been counseled by our church leaders to learn the hymns and listen to music that uplifts us.


Access to FamilySearch to do family history work 

Even though they usually start teaching the older kids who are nearing temple age how to do family history work, there are still ways to include younger children in learning about their family history. 

  • They can read the stories that are attached to individuals on FamilySearch. 
  • They can spend time with an adult or older sibling who is doing family history work. 


Social Media can be used to do missionary work

  • During the pandemic, we saw a huge spike in missionaries on social media. Even though our children are not yet missionary age, they can use their social media apps to share church messages. 
  • They can repost memes from the church or other inspired sources. 
  • They can share their testimonies and service opportunities. 

Enrichment apps

  • These are apps and sites that allow us to do things such as create music, do art, and allow us to continue our learning. Examples of these apps are things such as Garage Band, Procreate, Duolingo, Notepad, and many others. 
  • Our leaders and the scriptures ask us to fortify our talents and continually seek learning. We will take the knowledge and learning we acquire with us here into the next life. 


As always, communication is key when it comes to the goods and the bads of technology. In order for our children to know about the good that technology offers, they have to be taught. In your family conversations about technology safety, you can share what church leaders have said about using technology for good.


For more ideas on how to use technology in healthy, appropriate ways, check out our book: Noah’s New Phone: A Story About Using Technology For Good.


Kaitlynn Christiansen is an elementary teacher who is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Marriage and Family Studies from Brigham Young University-Idaho. She loves to learn and is passionate about educating families about healthy relationships. 



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Technology is a Powerful Tool!

“Let us be careful and not casual in our use of technology. Continually seek for ways that technology can draw us closer to the Savior and allow us to accomplish His work as we prepare for His Second Coming.”

-Peter M. Johnson

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Noah's New PhoneTechnology is a really powerful tool, and in this day and age, there’s no avoiding it. Your child needs to know how to navigate the good and the bad in technology. Start talking with your child now! Check out our book, Noah’s New Phone: A Story About Using Technology For Good.

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